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Our New Area

Well what a busy first half term!! I thought I would include pictures of our new pre-school area, indoors and out. As you can see, it is very large and encompasses all the required areas that will enable all the children to develop, both educationally and emotionally, learning through play and discovery. We feel that this is an ongoing journey and to ensure that we have set the room out to its best we will review the set up at different periods, to observe how the children access and interact with their surroundings. We welcome visitors to take a look and see what has been achieved so far in the area.

Foods Up!!!

We have started a cafe type system for the children to access their snacks. The children are told when the snack has been brought to the room and they can access this when they have finished the activity that they are doing. The children are encouraged to find their own name on the board and then put it into a basket, they then can have their snack. This we have found helps the children with their reading skills as well as with their socialising skills. It gives the children the chance to be independent in choosing when to finish their activity and when they feel ready to access snack.

Magic Learning

As always throughout the half term we have been learning about the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make. The children are encouraged daily, through the Magic Learning, the set up of the rooms, and the activities that are put out for the children to access. The children learn at their own speed, but are encouraged through the language rich environment that we deliver.

Learning, Learning, Learning!!!

We have worked on colours and shapes this half term. We have talked about the colours and shapes of food, which matched in with the Harvest theme in school. We made robots and discussed the shapes the children used to create their robot and the colours they chose to paint them. We looked at shapes in the environment, recognising them, naming them and discussing the elements that make up that shape, such as sides and angles.

Understanding the World-Technology

We are lucky enough to have an electronic table that holds different programmes that are age and stage appropriate for our children. The children have indeed learned how to work and access the table and its programmes much faster that some of the adults!

Horrifying Halloween!!

We finished the half term off with a week of Halloween fun! We carved out pumpkins; we made ghoulish bat boxes; scary spider biscuits and chocolate apples, as well as so much more. On the last day we had a party, with doughnut dunking, face painting and lots more terrifying antics! A great day was had by all! Here are a few of us all dressed up and two of our very terrifying toddlers!!

Mis Match Day

Mis-Match Day- Wear odd socks, shoes, or mis-matched clothes and donate to Children In Need. Ask Staff for details.

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      Christmas Performance

      Our Christmas Perforn]mance will be on Thursday 19th December. There will be two performances. Ask your room staff about the times closer to the date.

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