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Animating Advent Workshop

Year 4A loved their surprise Animating Advent workshop today with guest Sam Paetcher.

Y4A Investors In Pupils

Well done to all the children who have achieved their personal targets this half term. There are a few children who are still working towards their targets but feel positive that they will achieve them soon.

Aztec Workshop (October 2014)

Year 4A thoroughly enjoyed the drama workshop and impressed our visitor Claire with all their knowledge and understanding of the Aztecs so far. We extended this further by learning about the Aztec Gods and the social system. Children enjoyed pretending to be emperors, priests and nobles but perhaps not so much the commoners and slaves! The highlight was our whole class mini production of a 'sacrifice'. Very dramatic and chilling! Everyone behaved well and agreed that it was a fantastic way to enhance our topic.

Aztec Art

Here is 4A making their Aztec masks for our workshop. We used a mosaic technique and decided to go for bright colours rather than the traditional turquoise and obsidian that the Aztecs used. Did you know that the Aztecs didn't really wear these masks? They were made more for display or as ornaments.

  Our Star Writers
Take a look at the star writers in Year 4 who have had their work published on the 'Lend me Your Literacy' website!


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